SonicAire ® 1.0 Fan

The SonicAire system cleans by using high velocity and mass airflow to prevent combustible dust particles from accumulating throughout the plant.   This means that everything – including steel structures, pipes, ducts and process equipment – can be cleaned to meet or exceed government regulations, in whichever country the plant is located. It has proven to be the most effective overhead dust cleaning solution across all industries.


SonicAire fans give a full range of clean.  It has a top to bottom cleaning range from0° to 140°, with a full 360° oscillation at the same time.


Each SonicAire fan can be easily installed in the plant.  Here’s the technical information you need:


Power:  (208/230/460/575)

3/60 – 1 HP

380/3/50 – 1 HP

Weight:  160 lbs. /70kg


We’ve also designed a suite of accessories so you can customize the fans for your particular needs.  Each plant is different and we know that we have to be able to deliver the most efficient fan possible for the particulars of your facility.

Click here to see the full brochure.   ( Includes complete details and optional equipment. )

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